Turbo spool lighter keychain

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Never have boring-looking keys again!
Just Imagine being a smoker and having to look consistently for your lighter or asking random people to borrow theirs. We can assure you that after you have the turbo keychain that's no longer an issue!

The Turbo keychain will make a turbo sound while lighting up the heater coil to light your cigarette or anything else.

But what if you don't smoke or don't want to use the lighter feature? The Turbo keychain has three buttons, one for the turbo to spin, and the other two to make the coil heat up. You have to press two buttons to light up the heater coil, this is for safety reasons. This way it will only light up when you want it to.
This turbo keychain will solve always having to look for a lighter.
This turbo keychain gives your keys a next-level look.
This turbo keychain has the original whistle sound of an actual turbo.
The Turbo keychain weighs exactly 2 ounces and is made out of Zinc Alloy. The keychain comes with a little guide and a charger. Also comes with a safety cap so you don't have to worry it will light up whenever you don't want it to light up. 

Cool little secret feature: Press the two buttons that light up the heater coil 3 times quickly, and it will lock the heater function. Do it again to unlock it.  

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